Before the smart #3 officially meets the public, smart Malaysia has given us, the media, a chance to have a quick go on Proton’s test track. Themed ‘Chase the Thrill,’ aimed at igniting excitement among electric vehicle enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the arrival of the smart #3 SUV Coupe.

Attendees, including media representatives, EV owners, and enthusiasts, were treated to an up-close look and driving impression of smart’s latest addition to its product lineup. Crafted by Kai Saiber, the Head of Design at Mercedes-Benz, the smart #3 embodies a design philosophy that seamlessly integrates elements of ‘Love,’ ‘Pure,’ and ‘Unexpected,’ evoking emotional attraction, commitment to cleanliness, and delightful surprises.

Throughout the event, guests engaged in a variety of activities tailored to showcase the smart #3’s capabilities, from exhilarating test drives to in-depth product explorations, immersing themselves in the essence of urban mobility redefined.

The smart #3 made an exclusive appearance at the Proton Test Track for a comprehensive test drive, impressing attendees with its sporty performance and elegant design. Zhang Qiang, Chief Executive Officer of smart Malaysia, expressed gratitude to all participants for contributing to the event’s success and anticipated the smart #3’s imminent presence on the roads, promising an exhilarating driving experience with its sporty SUV coupé design and timeless elegance.

In terms of my driving impression, the #3 showed very promising driving characteristics. Going through the twisty bits, the #3 showed very good body control. Apart from that, the suspension also displayed much better ride comfort compared to the smart #1 during this initial test. The steering wheel provided a very promising feel, where the vehicle reacted well to the steering input. But due to the short test circuit, we only had limited driving time to feel the vehicle.

During the test drive, we also got to feel the vehicle’s acceleration, braking, and high-speed cruising. As expected for an electric vehicle, the vehicle showed strong acceleration. Braking also felt strong, and after many stops, the brakes still showed strong performance. And lastly, high-speed cruising, where the vehicle felt very stable at very high speeds even above our national speed limit. As of now, this is what I can feel during the test drive.

Reaffirming the brand’s commitment to delivering a top-notch ownership experience, Zhang Qiang highlighted the Hello smart App and an extensive charging and dealer network designed to cater to the preferences of today’s smart buyers. With accolades such as the iF Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award under its belt, the award-winning smart #3 is set to make its public debut at the Malaysia Autoshow 2024.

Attendees are invited to experience its ground-breaking design and unparalleled feel firsthand, as smart revolutionizes the landscape of electric mobility. Join the momentous occasion at Hall A2 (Premium Hall), MAEPS, Serdang, from 22 – 26 May 2024, and immerse yourself in the cutting-edge technologies and breathtaking designs of the smart #3. Stay updated on all smart #3 news and announcements by following smart Malaysia’s official Facebook page.