GoInsuran recently provide ride-hailing drivers a new insurance solutions through a strategic collaboration with inDrive. This partnership marks a pivotal shift in the landscape of motor insurance, with a focus on enhancing convenience and security for both drivers and passengers through a transparent and fair model.

By capitalizing on their individual strengths, GoInsuran and inDrive deliver unique advantages to passengers and drivers, empowering them to negotiate fares directly, without the interference of algorithmic pricing.

One of the key features of inDrive is its emphasis on transparency and control, allowing passengers to select drivers based on criteria such as price, estimated time of arrival, vehicle model, and driver ratings. Similarly, drivers are given the flexibility to accept, reject, or negotiate fares based on factors like the passenger’s location, destination, offered fare, and rating.

Central to this collaboration is the aim to enhance the insurance acquisition process for drivers, offering them readily accessible and cost-effective options. With the ability to obtain live quotes from up to 12 insurers and renew policies in as little as three minutes, drivers can enjoy a smoother journey while ensuring comprehensive coverage tailored to the specific risks associated with their daily ride-hailing activities.

Until December 31, 2025, drivers can take advantage of instant savings by using the promo code GOINDRIVE, unlocking special discounts that contribute to their financial well-being and overall satisfaction. This holistic approach underscores the partnership’s commitment to safety and innovation, providing unparalleled benefits for all stakeholders involved.

Together, GoInsuran and inDrive are driving towards a future characterized by safety, innovation, and mutual benefit for drivers and customers alike. For more information on GoInsuran and TCMH, please visit: www.tanchonggroup.com and www.goinsuran.com