When it comes to robust, capable, and reliable one-ton trucks, the Isuzu D-Max Single Cab stands out as a top choice. These highly adaptable pickup trucks provide business owners with unprecedented versatility, enabling them to streamline their transportation needs and enhance efficiency.

The Isuzu D-Max Single Cab is a workhorse with a remarkably broad range of applications. From navigating narrow urban streets for efficient goods deliveries to transporting heavy loads across rugged plantations, this vehicle excels in every task it takes on.

What sets Isuzu apart in the Malaysian market is its unique offering of two engine options in the Single Cab, catering to individual customer requirements. Combined with a capable four-wheel-drive system that comes standard with a differential lock, the Isuzu D-Max Single Cab can conquer a wide range of terrains.

Embracing this capability, two impressive 1.9-liter Isuzu D-Max Single Cabs will play a pivotal role in this year’s Borneo Safari, joining three units of the remarkable Isuzu D-Max X-Terrains as the official media vehicles. Isuzu Malaysia’s Chief Executive Officer, Shunsuke Okazoe, highlighted the Single Cab’s immense workhorse potential as the reason for its selection.

As the returning Diamond Sponsor of the event, Mr. Okazoe presented the sponsorship documents and handed over the keys to the official media vehicles to Faez Nordin, the President of the Sabah Four-Wheel Drive Association.

The 31st edition of the Borneo Safari promises to be one of the most challenging off-road events globally, commencing in front of the Sabah Tourism Board office on Sunday, October 29, 2023. The route will traverse the mountainous Sook and Ranau regions before returning to Kota Kinabalu a week later.

Isuzu Malaysia continues its partnership with Tourism Malaysia, the Sabah Tourism Board, and Red Springs Sdn Bhd to produce a web video series that promotes the event and showcases Sabah as a thrilling adventure destination. Viewers will witness the various challenges of the Borneo Safari and have the chance to win exclusive event merchandise by participating in a watch-and-win contest after the event.

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