GoCar Malaysia recently made an announcement that they will be expanding their GoCar Subs Electric lineup. GoCar has introduced a selection of the latest electric vehicles (EVs) and has also introduced shorter-term subscription plans, providing weekly and monthly options.

The objective behind incorporating a broader range of EVs and offering shorter subscription plans is to enhance the accessibility and affordability of EVs for Malaysian consumers. GoCar aims to enable people to experience the benefits of various EV models, aligning with its continuous efforts to make electric vehicles more readily available to the public.

The GoCar Subs Electric fleet now boasts seven fully electric models, including the Nissan Leaf, the new Renault Zoe, Hyundai Kona EV, Hyundai Ioniq 5, Great Wall Motors’ Ora Good Cat, Electric Mini, and Tesla Model Y. By offering weekly and monthly subscription plans, individuals have the opportunity to test drive different EV models that are currently available in the Malaysian market.

The subscription rates for these plans start from RM120 per day for the monthly plan and RM171 per day for the weekly plan. These rates are calculated based on the respective subscription fee along with the mandatory Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). This pricing structure enables customers to conveniently explore the world of EVs without committing to long-term ownership or bearing the high costs associated with purchasing a new vehicle.

To reserve an electric vehicle (EV) for either one week or one month, simply register for a GoCar Subs account through the GoCar mobile app or GoCar Subs website. Once registered, you can choose the specific model you’re interested in. After payment, which includes a one-time subscription fee and a refundable security deposit, your selected vehicle will be made available within 14 days, depending on availability.

The GoCar Subs’ Electric program is currently offered in the Klang Valley region. As part of the program, all GoCar Subs EVs come with a chargEV card to facilitate convenient charging. With this complimentary card, you can enjoy free access to all standalone AC chargers across the country, excluding Starbucks and BMW locations. ChargEV boasts a wide network of over 300 charging stations nationwide, ensuring you have ample options for recharging your EV.

To view all EV options available, visit the GoCar Subs Electric garage (https://www.gocarsubs.com/ourgarage.php?category=Electric).

To book a weekly or monthly plan, download the GoCar mobile app or call the GoCar Subs hotline at 1-800-18-8663 (8 am-8 pm, Monday-Sunday, excluding public holidays) for more assistance.

For more information about GoCar Malaysia’s range of services, visit https://new.gocar.my or follow the GoCar Malaysia Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and TikTok channels.

The weekly and monthly subscription rates for GoCar Subs Electric are as follows:

Models 7-day Rate (RM)* 30-day Rate (RM)*
Nissan Leaf 1,080 120 3,240 360
New Renault Zoe R110 1,350 150 4,050 450
GWM Ora Good Cat 400 Pro 1,300 160 4,800 480
Hyundai Kona Plus 1,440 160 4,320 480
Electric Mini 1,710 190 5,130 570
Hyundai Ioniq 5 1,980 220 5,940 660
Tesla Model Y 4,500 500 13,500 1,500