BMW Group Malaysia is highlighting its team of skilled experts in the field of Electric Mobility through the BMW High Voltage Expert (HVE) Certification program. This unique program, led by the BMW Group Regional Training Centre, aims to enhance the capabilities of the local electric vehicle (EV) workforce in Malaysia, making it the only one of its kind outside Munich, Germany for the premium automaker.

A BMW High Voltage Expert is an esteemed specialist who operates at the highest level when it comes to working on BMW electric vehicles. The certification program for a BMW High Voltage Expert, conducted at the BMW Group Regional Training Centre in Malaysia, enables individuals to service and repair the most advanced BMW i vehicles worldwide.

In line with its commitment to developing the EV ecosystem in Malaysia, BMW Group Malaysia has made over 1,000 charging facilities available within its network. These facilities include more than 400 provided through partnerships with ChargEV and Yinson Greentech, over 100 accessible via the partnership with JomCharge, and approximately 150 available through Gentari. Additionally, new partners such as Shell Recharge with ParkEasy, ChargeN’Go, ChargeSini, Go To-U, and FlexiParking contribute around 160 facilities. Moreover, most authorized dealerships offer more than 100 BMW i and MINI charging facilities, and several partnering venues across the country provide charging options. This infrastructure expansion plan is part of the strategic vision for the year ahead.

The video series consists of two parts. Part 1 showcases the journey to becoming a High Voltage Expert in Malaysia, while Part 2 demonstrates how BMW Group Malaysia is upskilling the local EV workforce and changing perceptions towards automotive technicians through the BMW High Voltage Expert certification program.