The national carmaker Perodua has seen a significant increase in its year-to-date production and sales figures. Production has risen by 32.95%, from 38,460 units to 51,134 units, while sales have increased by 33%, from 34,865 vehicles to 46,385 vehicles, for the first two months of the year. This growth has been attributed to improved production efficiency, better financing facilities for Perodua dealers, and better communication within the ecosystem as well as with customers.

Despite ongoing challenges with the supply of semiconductor chips and cost increases, Perodua has managed to see double-digit growth in production and sales. The company’s president and CEO, Dato’ Sri Zainal Abidin Ahmad, thanked partners for their dedication and said that demand for Perodua vehicles remains healthy. The company is ramping up production to meet demand and aims to reduce waiting times for customers. As of 28 February, the average waiting period is between 2.5 months and 8 months, depending on the model, variant, and color.

Looking ahead, Dato’ Sri Zainal said that the outlook for the automotive industry and Perodua is positive, and the focus is on ensuring labour stability for suppliers to improve production. He hopes that policy makers will continue to engage with the ecosystem on future changes in policies that may impact the industry. Perodua will continue to improve its operations and delivery timing for its customers.

Dato’ Sri Zainal added that Perodua apologizes to its customers for any inconvenience caused by the longer waiting times and thanked them for their patience. The company will try to further improve its production and registrations in the months to come. Perodua is committed to improving its operations and within the ecosystem, and ensuring delivery timing meets the expectations of its customers.