During the recent Los Angles Autoshow, Porsche unveiled a unique Porsche 911 that has the ability to be driven off-road comfortably. Named the Porsche 911 Dakar, this is meant to mark the birth of all-wheel drive in the Porsche 911. The Porsche 911 Dakar will only limited to 2,500 units, and it will be offered with an optional Rallye Design Package.

Special for the 911 Dakar is that it has 50mm taller than a regular 911 Carrera with sports suspension. This suspension can further raise the front and rear with an additional 30mm, which will allow the 911 Dakar to travel up to 170km/h off-road. The 911 Dakar will be equipped with specially developed Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus tyres (sized 245/45 ZR 19 at the front and 295/40 ZR 20 at the rear). This special tyres is ideal for challenging terrain, with the use of chunky tread pattern with a depth of 9mm and the reinforced sidewalls.

Powering the 911 Dakar is the 3.0L biturbo flat six that produces 480PS and a peak torque of 570Nm. The 911 Dakar has the ability to accelerate from 0-100km/h in 3.4 seconds, and to a limited top speed of 240km/h (due to the all-terrain tyres). This engine is paired with an 8-speed PDK, and power is being sent to all 4 wheels through the Porsche all-wheel drive system. The 911 Dakar also come with rear-axle steering, the engine mounts from the 911 GT3, and PDCC anti-roll stabilisation.

In order to help the 911 Dakar to perform its best off road, this vehicle will come with 2 new driving mode. This driving mode include Rallye mode where it’s designed for the loose and uneven surfaces and features rear-focused all-wheel drive. The next drive mode is the off-road mode, and the high clearance will be activated. Both of the new driving modes also feature the new Rallye Launch Control, which enables impressive acceleration on loose surfaces and allows wheel slippage of around 20 per cent.

The new 911 Dakar will also come with a fixed lightweight rear spoiler made of CFRP and the CFRP front luggage compartment lid with striking air outlets taken from the 911 GT3. There are also standard off-road details that includes red aluminium towing lugs at the front and back, the widened wheel wells and sills and the stainless steel protective elements on the front, rear and side sills. The side air intakes on the redesigned front end are also protected against flying rocks by stainless steel grilles.

On the roof of the 911 Dakar, it also features a 12V power outlet for the headlights of the optional roof rack. The roof rack also can carry up to 42kg, and can also turn into a roof tent when needed. Inside, the 911 Dakar get standard full bucket seats and the removal of rear seats. The 911 Dakar is also achieve an impressive 1,605kg with the use of lightweight glass and battery. The 911 Dakar interior will also come standard with Race-Tex surfaces with stitching in Shade Green, which is also exclusively available as a metallic exterior finish for the 911 Dakar. The Rallye Sport Package with roll-over bar, six-point seat belts and fire extinguisher is optional.

With the Rallye Design Package, the 911 Dakar will be painted in a 2-tone paint finish in White/Gentian Blue Metallic. On the side of the vehicle, the customer can choose an individual race number between 0 and 999. In addition to the rally stripes in red and gold, the 911 Dakar can add on the “Roughroads” lettering on the doors to commemorate the race winning vehicle back in 1984. The white-painted rims and the red taillight strip, in contrast to the standard vehicle, round off the distinctive appearance. Further highlights can be found in the interior: Extended Race-Tex and leather surrounds as well as seat belts and accents in Sharkblue.